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James Sinkler

Hey I'm James!

I build full-stack applications with React, node.js and SQL/NoSQL backends. I enjoy problem solving and seeing projects come to life.

I've studied coding through my degree in Mathematics, then on my own, and most recently at General Assembly's Software Engineering Immersive.

I went on to teach at General Assembly shortly after graduating, combining my experience as an educator with my skills in javascript, React, node, python, and more.

I enjoy improving my skills and continuing to learn from others.

There are a lot of tutorials, and lessons that I have benefited from as I've learned, and I want to contribute back to the dev community with my own knowledge.

If you are interested in having me join your team feel free to check out my resume. If you want to get in touch about a potential project or a js topic you are interested in, you can use the form below. It was built using netlify's forms.

Leave me a message 👋


I plan to cover things ranging from Hash Maps in Coding challenges, to React Hooks and how to implement the useContext() hook. Some things I will have more expertise in, and others I will be sharing my own new learning.

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